DeFi Capital Markets, the DeFi marketplace enabling liquidity and leverage for any long tail asset through structured products.


With Quotient, there are no intermediaries, or derivative token to manage. Use any asset combinations including NFTs to raise capital or earn automated returns on your fractional investments.

What Is

Existing DeFi structured products are not designed to support all types of long tail digital assets. They also do not cater to individual risk preferences. Users have very limited bargaining power in pool based products and often bear additional token layer friction and risk.

Quotient is an open-for-all decentralized capital market that unlocks liquidity and leverage for any asset or position; enabling anyone to create or invest in DeFi Structured Products. Products are fractionalized as NFTs to lower barrier of entry and for non-fungibility.

Quotient enhances risk evaulation through decentralized solutions for Credit Risk Rating of assets (╬▓Toro Asset Rating) & borrower Creditworthiness (KnowYourWallet Credit Score).

Platform Benefits


Borrow against any crypto asset or position bundle across chains

Bespoke LTV ratio, interest rate, and maturity

Plug collateral into stablecoin pool, P2P or Auction

Whitelist your investors. Borrow or lend on your terms

Earn incentives on payback


Evaluate potential risk through Credit Risk rating, borrower Credit Score, and offered yield

Negotiate your terms based on the product. Be it LTV, Interest Rate of Price.

Fund stablecoin pools based on Risk appetite

Earn streamed incentives for your liquidity

No performance fee

DAOs & Projects

Access liquidity without monetizing equity

Diversify treasury through term investments

Create or trade cash flow based or equity structures

Limit access and exposure by selecting your investors or your community

No intermediary token friction or risk


The platform is governed by QuoDAO through progressive decentralization. Anyone can be part of the governance process following a 1 Quo - 1 Vote principle.

DAO participants may accrue 60% of the platform revenue as rewards based on an engagement factor that includes active governance participation and token ownership. DAO members can extend proposals for improving the platform and underlying rating methodologies.

DAO can also nominate members to open councils for Credit Risk Rating, Credit Score and Yield Strategies each of which has different voting mechanisms. DAO offers product grants for continued development of the platform and ecosystem.

Quotient PLUS

Can you imagine a TradFi instrument like a Tesla or Apple stock and your favourite crypto assets bundled and fractionalized as a financial NFT generating automated DeFi yield? That is Quotient PLUS in a nutshell.

Quotient PLUS is a regulated platform with KYC requirements, open for custodians, funds and crossover financial instrument issuers to create, offer structured financial products and extend leverage through DeFi composability.

Expected to go live in Q3 2022, it acts as an application and middleware layer for issuing regulated structured products with composite (DeFi+TradFi) Credit Scores and product ratings.

Platform Features

Decentralized Credit Risk Ratings &
Tokenizable Creditworthiness

Simplified design
Intuitive UI
DeFi composability
under the hood
Decentralized tokenization of any asset & position.
Invest based on your risk appetite, credit risk rating and borrower credit scores.
Raise, Plug, Forget! Choose Smart Adapter to automatically manage your yield and dues.
Auction, sell directly, or whitelist - create invite-only products for your community or project.
Enables standalone and hybrid rated non-bankable products (any NFTs).
Raise capital without monetizing your project's equity. Offer your token lockups as structured products
Fractionalize and add liquidity to create Dex Traded Perpetual products.
Q1 2020

Start of our Journey

Product Ideation and Research : In May of 2020, ToroLabs Team, through their involvement in the crypto space, identified key challenges they faced in DeFi and envisaged a protocol where investors had better tools to assess risk while enabling DeFi exposure to pre-DeFi crypto assets. Initial constructs of a more intelligent decentralized approach to Credit Risk and Creditworthiness started to take shape.

Q3 2020


Initial technical developments were self-funded, and academic experts were retained to think through a new paradigm for evaluating risk on DeFi. Additional partners were recruited to augment protocol design and product development. Industry thought leaders were added as advisors to assist in roadmap design to ensure project viability.

Q2 2021

& Pre-seed

MVP development kicked-off with iterative changes to protocol design, rating methodologies and tokenomics with help of experts like Dr. Bianchi and partners like Acheron. A small $130k pre-seed investment was secured through friends and family to facilitate further the progress.

Q2 2022


MVP on Ethereum with Zero-Coupon and Straight products are ready and is being migrated to Rinkeby. Credit Score and Rating methodologies are finalized and algorithm is being integrated. Seed raise is in progress with a closed-invite-only Alpha release planned for late September

Q2 2022


The second half of Q2 2022 will include the release of our Credit Risk Rating methodology with platform specific weightage for each assets. Seed round will draw to a close by the middle of October.

Q2 2022


Closed Beta Mainnet launch with incentivized release. Governance token streaming and mainnet. Product go-live on BSC and & Polygon. Hiring and Hackathons.

Q4 2022

Multi-Chain World

Product roll-out to non-EVM chains. Development of non-bridge based structured product creation across chains. Planned DAO go-live based on network effects and councils go-live.

Q4 2022


PoC for Quotient PLUS and testnet release. Onboarding testnet users and PoC clients for validation and review.

Q1 2020
Q3 2020
Q2 2021
Q2 2022
Q2 2022
Q2 2022
Q4 2022
Q4 2022

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